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EQU8 Strategy is born out of shared vision and passion for equitable, sustainable, and just society, one on a long and difficult journey of reconciliation on the heels of the truth of the unceded and traditional Indigenous lands coming to light.

As a new collaboration between professionals in practice, EQU8 brings together our decades of expertise in law, government, education, healthcare, and administration; extensive network of public, corporate, and community partners and allies; and most importantly, diverse personal and lived experience as visible minorities, Indigenous, first generation immigrants, international students, caregivers, 2SLGBTQIA+, campaigners, advocates, and volunteers locally and nationally.


Throughout our individual journeys, each of us braved discrimination and barriers at some points, but were also beneficiaries of good will at other times. While unique in our backgrounds and stories, we are united by our common humanity that became the founding principle of EQU8. In synergy, we endeavour to amplify our collective impact for our communities facing complex challenges, and for progressive policy and cultural transformation that can respect everyone.



We break down barriers for meaningful social change by gearing our professional expertise and lived experience.

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Kristy Foreman LLB, CCIP   


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Jae Kyung Shin MEd, MD, CCIP


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David Wells MA, JD


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Bita Jamalpour MSc, PhD


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Our work is intentional.


We believe in initiatives and events that advance our values of

reconciliation, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability,

and we commit ourselves wholly to their success.

With deep understanding of key socioeconomic, political, cultural, and

environmental issues today, we take a data informed and collaborative approach

that is thoughtful of their intersectionality with people and environment.

We work with governments, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and Indigenous communities for enduring solutions through

public engagement and partnership.

From framework implementation and campaign design for your organization,

to leadership development and change strategy for your team,

we roll up our sleeves for tough work, punch through and fly over barriers,

and visioneer the possibilities with you.

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